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What is Asthma?

Have you ever heard your friends, teachers or parents talk about “asthma?” About 7 million children in the United States have asthma. That’s a lot of kids! Asthma affects a person’s breathing. You probably thought that breathing was easy for everyone, but for kids with asthma, breathing can be very hard. Most of the time, [...]


What is an MRI?

My friend Tommy was sick a few weeks ago and his mom had to take him to the hospital. While he was at the hospital, Tommy found out that he needed to have something called an MRI performed. Tommy didn’t know what an MRI was, but since I had one once before, I told Tommy [...]


First Day of Fall

School is back in session, the leaves are changing colors and it seems to be getting cooler outside. It could only mean one thing; it’s time for fall! In fact, today is the official first day of fall. Another name for fall is autumn. During summer, plants work to make its food using water, light [...]


Physical Therapy

When I was a small apple, I feel off my bike and hurt my leg.  My doctor said I had to rest and stay off my bike for a few weeks, but he also said that I needed physical therapy.  Do you know what that is?  After an injury, physical therapy can help you move [...]


Staying Safe While Playing Outside

I love playing outside during the summer.  It’s so warm and all my friends are off from school.  Sometimes I even get to stay outside with my friends past bedtime! It’s important to remember the rules when playing outside.  Always wear a helmet when riding your bike outside. When you are playing outside with your [...]



Have you ever had the chickenpox? I did when I was a kid and it was really itchy. There was a red, itchy area, called a rash, on my skin. The rash usually starts on the stomach or back and face. The rash starts as bumps that turn into blisters, which later turns into scabs. [...]


It’s Hot Out There

Summer is almost here and I know you like playing outside just as much as I do!  Here are some important things to remember when you are playing outside when it’s really hot. Drink plenty of water before and during playtime, even you aren’t thirsty. Where a hat and always put on sunscreen. You and [...]



Achoo! Achoo! You know what that sound means: allergy season is back. I have allergies and they always start during the springtime. I’m allergic to something called pollen, which comes from plants. When my allergies start, I sneeze and cough a lot. I also feel really itchy and my nose is runny. Sometimes my eyes [...]


Keeping the Earth Clean

Do you know what tomorrow  is?  It’s Earth day!  Here are some things you and your family can do to help keep the Earth clean: Volunteer to help clean up a park or a playground. Plant flowers, bushes or a tree in your yard. Start a vegetable garden. Turn off lights, fans or the TV when [...]


Stay Safe While Playing Sports!

One of the best things about springtime is that baseball begins. I love everything about baseball. Hitting. Pitching. Catching. I even love going to the stadium and eating a big bag of peanuts! What’s your favorite sport to play? Sometimes kids can get hurt when playing sports. Whether it’s soccer, football, dance, gymnastics, or baseball, [...]

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