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Keeping the Earth Clean

Do you know what tomorrow  is?  It’s Earth day!  Here are some things you and your family can do to help keep the Earth clean:

  • Volunteer to help clean up a park or a playground.
  • Plant flowers, bushes or a tree in your yard.
  • Start a vegetable garden.
  • Turn off lights, fans or the TV when you leave the room.
  • Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing your face and hands.


Stay Safe While Playing Sports!

One of the best things about springtime is that baseball begins. I love everything about baseball. Hitting. Pitching. Catching. I even love going to the stadium and eating a big bag of peanuts! What’s your favorite sport to play?

Sometimes kids can get hurt when playing sports. Whether it’s soccer, football, dance, gymnastics, or baseball, always follow these tips to stay safe:

• Never cheat. Always follow the rules of the game.
• Wear the right sports gear! These are things like helmets and shin guards.
• Drink a lot of water or sports drink while playing.
• Always use sunscreen when playing outside.
• If you feel tired or something hurts, tell your coach and your parents right away.

Remember, sports are fun to play and they will help keep you healthy, but it is important to stay safe.


Bicycle Safety

Riding your bike is fun and great exercise. But if you fall off your bike, it can hurt. So here’s some ways to stay safe:

  • Always wear a helmet when you ride your bike. The helmet protects your head and your brain.
  • Watch for cars and people walking.
  • Stop at all stop signs and red lights.
  • Cross the street at a corner, not in the middle of the street.

 Wearing the right clothes while riding your bike can keep you safe. Brightly colored clothes can help others see you. Wear shoes and make sure the laces are tightly tied. Loose clothing can get caught in your bike chain.

 You also should watch for things like loose rocks, holes, wet leaves or other things that might wreck your bike.


Brush Your Teeth!

Ever imagine what it would be like if you had no teeth.  Scary, right!  Teeth help you chew all those delicious snacks and meals so keeping them clean is very important. 

You should always brush your teeth twice a day.  This helps prevent bacteria and plaque, which can cause cavities, from forming in your mouth.

When you brush, don’t use a lot of toothpaste; just squeeze a tiny bit out onto your toothbrush.  Make sure you get all your teeth, even the ones all the way in the back!  Remember, don’t brush too hard and don’t swallow the toothpaste either.  Be sure to rinse your mouth with water and spit after brushing.

Make sure your parents are taking you to the dentist, too!  Dentists will give your teeth a better cleaning and will teach you about ways to keep your teeth healthy.


Be Smart About Energy Drinks

You may have seen ads on TV for drinks to give you energy. Being able to run faster or even fly may look cool on TV, but those drinks aren’t good for us.

Energy drinks have lots of sugar and caffeine. If you drink too much, you may feel bad. They can upset your stomach and give you headaches. You may not be able to sleep.

Some people have problems with their hearts after drinking an energy drink. They may even need to go to the hospital.

Healthy foods like fruit are better ways of getting an energy boost. So do like I do – stay away from energy drinks and focus on healthy foods and snacks.


Winter Weather…Brrrr, it’s Cold Outside

Winter weather has arrived and whether it’s making snowmen, ice skating or simply enjoying a day off from school, I love spending my time outside during these cold snowy months. Here are some things you can do to stay safe and warm this winter.

• When heading outside, dress warmly. I always make sure I wear my scarf, hat, gloves and boots!
• Don’t stay outside for too long. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and go inside for some hot chocolate.
• If you are going skating, sledding, skiing or snowboarding wear a helmet, avoid crowded areas and never go anywhere alone. Always make sure your mom or dad knows where you are.
• When going sledding, slide feet first or sitting up instead of lying down headfirst.
• If you start to feel sick or really tired and cold, find an adult and let them know. It might be time to go home.

This winter weather only lasts a few months so enjoy it while you can. I know I will!


Heart Health Tips for Families

February is American Heart Month and that means it’s time to focus on your heart!

What are some of the things you do with your family? Maybe you have dinner together, celebrate the holidays together or go on vacation together. What about staying heart healthy together? This activity can not only be fun, but it also can help everyone in the family stay healthy.  Your heart is very important so help keep it strong!


Happy New Year!

It’s been a great 2010, but I think 2011 is going to be even better.  Do you have a New Year’s resolution?  Mine is to stay healthy by eating right, staying active and having fun.  We can do it together!

Happy New Year!


Crossing the Street

You know how your mom always says “look both ways before you cross the street.”  Well, she’s right! 

Here are some rules for crossing the street:
• When crossing the street, stop at the curb or edge of the road and wait for an adult or a big brother or sister.
• Look left, then right, then left again for moving cars before crossing.
• Walk, don’t run or dart, into the street.
• Keep looking left and right until you are safely across the street. 
• Don’t cross between parked cars.
• Always walk on the sidewalk.
• Never talk on a cell phone while crossing the street.

If you are playing outside with your friends, always stay on the grass or sidewalk.  Never run after your ball or toys if they have crossed into the street.  If you have any questions about what to do when playing outside or crossing the street, ask your parents.


All About the Flu

In the fall, many people get sick with the flu.  The flu season begins in November and lasts until March. The flu may cause a cough, chills or fever. Your head or ears can hurt too.

There are some things you can do to that may help you not get sick.  Remember to:

• Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. You can use your elbow if you don’t have a tissue.
• Wash your hands often with soap and water rubbing them together for 20 seconds – you can sing the “Happy Birthday” song to let you know how long to wash.
• Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth.
• Avoid close contact with someone who is sick.
• If you aren’t feeling well, tell your mom, dad or an adult like a teacher at school.

Your mom or dad may take you to the doctor for a flu shot.  A flu shot will protect you from getting a bad case of the flu and may protect you from getting the flu at all.  Flu shots are given in the fall before flu season starts.  Shots don’t hurt much, so don’t worry!

Most people who get the flu are sick for about a week.  If you get the flu, you will need to stay home from school.  You will feel better soon if you rest and drink lots of fluids.

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