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General Surgery
The Division of Pediatric, General, Thoracic and Minimally Invasive Surgery is staffed by board- certified pediatric surgeons who have extensive training in general surgery and pediatric surgery. Our Division is at the forefront in the use of minimally invasive techniques, creating shorter hospitalizations, less postoperative pain and minimal incisions.

Extensive Surgical Expertise
Our pediatric surgeons address the surgical needs of children of all ages, from extremely premature infants to 18-year-old adolescents, with a variety of conditions including infections, tumors, endocrine disorders and congenital malformations.

Staff members provide evaluation and management of congenital and acquired diseases of the head and neck, chest and abdomen. They are also experienced in the management of complex pediatric surgical problems including:

  • Diaphragmatic hernias
  • Congenital neck cysts
  • Anorectal anomalies
  • Undescended testes
  • Pediatric tumors

In addition to their expertise in general pediatric surgery, members of the Division also oversee St. Christopher’s:

  • Trauma program
  • Pediatric kidney transplantation program
  • Chest wall abnormalities (pectus excavatum and caranatum) surgeries
  • Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) program
  • Basic science research in gastrointestinal physiology

Our surgeons are board-certified in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery by the American Board of Surgery, which requires initial certification in General Surgery and the completion of a two-year pediatric surgery fellowship. This intensive and specialized training provides pediatric surgeons with the skills and expertise to manage complex problems in premature infants to patients up to 21 years of age.

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Meet the Team

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia has a highly qualified team of board-certified experts who are specially trained to work with the individual and unique needs of infants and pediatric patients.

The team is led by Marshall Schwartz, MD, Surgeon-In-Chief and Chief, Division of Pediatric, Thoracic, and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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