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Preparing for Your Hospital Visit

At St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, you’ll find world-renowned pediatric experts to serve your child's health care needs, from regular check-ups to specialist consultations.

To make an appointment, call 1-888-CHRISKIDS. You can also have your child's pediatrician call us for a second opinion or a referral.

Help Your Child Prepare

To help you and your child prepare emotionally for your visit to St. Christopher’s, see our tips for preparing for your child’s hospital stay.

What to Bring to an Appointment

  • Doctor's or specialist's name
  • Department name
  • Name and telephone number of your referring doctor
  • Photo IDs
  • Insurance card(s) or proof of medical assistance program
  • Co-payment for your insurance, if applicable
  • Referrals or authorizations from your child's primary care doctor's office, if applicable
  • Medical or personal records, such as X-rays or lab tests
  • A list of your child's medications
  • Your child's and your Social Security numbers and dates of birth (for insurance purposes)
  • Proof of guardianship such as custody papers (if you’re not the child’s parent)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Any forms mailed to you by the doctor’s office
  • A list of questions you may have, as well as ones your child might have, depending on his or her age and maturity level
  • Books, games, snacks, formula, diapers, change of baby clothes or other necessities 

If you are unsure what to bring, call the specific department you are scheduled to visit.

For Returning Visitors

Insurance and ID cards are required at every visit. If your insurance information, address or phone number should change, please contact us so that we can update your information.

Tips to Remember

  • Give yourself an extra half hour before your child’s scheduled appointment time to park and fill out any necessary paperwork
  • For detailed information on what to expect at your child's appointment, such as how long the appointment will take or any guidelines your child may need to follow beforehand, please call to speak to someone in the office
  • If you need to bring other children, try to find another adult to come with you to assist you

Upon arriving at the hospital, please stop at the information desk to sign in and ask for assistance and directions. One of our friendly employees or volunteers will be glad to help you with whatever you need.

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