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Your Pediatric Care Team

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is a teaching hospital, meaning that doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who are in training may care for your child. Each staff- person-in-training works under the supervision of a qualified senior professional staff person. These additional staff members add to the quality and professionalism of your child's care. Some members of your child's health care team may include:

  • Attending doctor: a senior medical doctor who directs your child’s care
  • Fellow: a medical doctor in training who specializes in one area, such as a doctor studying to be a cardiologist or a nephrologist
  • Resident: a medical doctor who is training in pediatrics
  • Nurse practitioner: a nurse with special training in diagnosing, treating and caring for patients
  • Staff nurse: a nurse responsible for your child’s care throughout the day and night. There is always a staff nurse responsible for your child's nursing care
  • Clinical pharmacist: trained in understanding the pediatric patient’s drug therapy needs
  • Clinical assistant: a professional trained to assist a staff nurse with patient care
  • Chaplain: a person who can provide spiritual companionship at a difficult time and serve as a good listener when you need it most
  • Social worker: a health care professional who meets with families to help them better cope with illness and hospitalization and access necessary services
  • Child Life specialist: a professional who can enhance a child's emotional, social and cognitive growth during a hospital stay by using developmental interventions, as well as medical and other play
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