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Our Services

We are always striving to find new and better ways to treat children so you can be sure you are receiving the best care for your child at our facilities.

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Find A Physician

    • 1-888-ChrisKids

    Search by specialty to select a doctor, in the right location, who is right for your child.

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      • 1-888-ChrisKids

      Our pediatric anesthesiologists combine their unique skills, judgment and compassion to meet the physical and emotional needs of children.



        • 1-888-ChrisKids

        The Audiology Department provides comprehensive diagnostic, and rehabilitative services for children from birth through 21 years of age.

        Learn More about Audiology


        Burn Center for Children

          • 1-888-ChrisKids

          As the only dedicated pediatric burn facility in the area, St. Christopher’s Burn Center prides itself on having a multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists trained to work specifically with young burn patients.

          Learn More about Burn Center for Children


          Cancer Care

            • 1-888-ChrisKids

            The Section of Oncology provides comprehensive and compassionate cancer care including various treatments for all childhood cancers as well as dedicated neuro-oncology and stem cell transplant programs.

            Learn More about Cancer Care



              • 1-888-ChrisKids

              St. Christopher’s Heart Center provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a variety of pediatric heart conditions.

              Learn More about Cardiology


              Center for Youth With Special Health Care Needs

                • 1-888-ChrisKids

                We work with families of children with special health care needs to provide ongoing, coordinated, comprehensive, family-centered medical care that improves access to services, community resources and advocacy to assure that children obtain optimal support through life stages and promote their independence with dignity and respect.


                Center for the Urban Child

                  • 1-888-ChrisKids

                  The Center for the Urban Child is a community-focused primary care initiative designed to address the issues that contribute to health disparities in children and their families.


                  Child Life Program

                    • 1-888-ChrisKids

                    Physical and mental activities are an essential part of the healing process, our child life specialists work at the bedside and in playrooms to help patients have positive experiences during their hospital stays.

                    Learn More about Child Life Program


                    Child Protection Program

                      • 1-888-ChrisKids

                      The Child Protection Program provides community education and medical support for children and families who may have experienced abuse and to assist the various authorities who may become involved through a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in child abuse cases.


                      Critical Care

                        • 1-888-ChrisKids

                        The Section of Critical Care is committed to excellence in clinical care, education and research in addition to providing family-focused clinical care of the highest quality to children needing critical and perioperative care.

                        Learn More about Critical Care


                        Dental Medicine

                          • 1-888-ChrisKids

                          ​Our Department of Dental Medicine treats infants, children and teens, including those with special needs on an out- or in-patient basis.

                          Learn More about Dental Medicine


                          Developmental Pediatrics

                            • 1-888-ChrisKids

                            St. Christopher’s Developmental specialists provide treatment for children experiencing cognitive & motor difficulties.

                            Learn More about Developmental Pediatrics


                            Ear, Nose & Throat

                              • 1-888-ChrisKids

                              St. Christopher’s ear, nose and throat specialists provide treatment for hearing, airway and voice problems in infants and children.

                              Learn More about Ear, Nose & Throat



                              As a Level I Trauma Center, we provide comprehensive care during medical or trauma-related emergencies with board-certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians in attendance, and pediatric and surgical subspecialty care available as needed on a consultative basis.



                                • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                The Section of Endocrinology and Diabetes offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for children and adolescents with Thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary diseases; disorders of growth and pubertal development; diabetes mellitus, hypoglycemia, and the metabolic syndrome; disorders of mineral metabolism.

                                Learn More about Endocrinology


                                Fetal Evaluation Center

                                  • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                  The Regional Fetal Evaluation Center provides expertise in prenatal diagnosis & treatment, reproductive genetics, and multidisciplinary consultations.

                                  Learn More about Fetal Evaluation Center


                                  Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition

                                    • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                    St. Christopher’s treats a wide range of gastrointestinal, liver and nutritional disorders in infants and children.


                                    General Surgical Services - Minimally Invasive Surgery

                                    St. Christopher’s pediatric surgeons provide minimally invasive techniques, often resulting in shorter hospital stays, less postoperative pain and smaller incisions for your child.

                                    Learn More about General Surgical Services



                                      • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                      Comprehensive genetic evaluations of patients with birth defects, developmental delay, suspected genetic abnormalities, family histories of genetic disorders and adult onset genetic diseases.


                                      Grow Clinic

                                        • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                        Our Grow Clinic is an outpatient clinic that evaluates and treats children diagnosed with failure to thrive (FTT), or who are underweight.

                                        Learn More about the Grow Clinic



                                          • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                          St. Christopher’s specialists treat hemophilia and other rare and common blood disorders in children.

                                          Learn More about Hematology


                                          Hospital Medicine

                                            • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                            Our Hospital Medicine program is comprised of physicians, known as hospitalists, who focus their attention on the unique aspects of inpatient care.

                                            Learn More about Hospital Medicine



                                              • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                              We provide services for children with known or suspected immunodeficiency disorders including HIV/AIDS.

                                              Learn More about Immunology


                                              Infectious Diseases

                                                • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                                We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children with suspected or proven infectious diseases.

                                                More about Infectious Diseas


                                                Neonatal Care

                                                  • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                                  St. Christopher’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) providesthe highest level of neonatal care by a team of neonatologists as well as neonatal nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants delivering individualized care for the complex needs of each neonate.

                                                  Learn More about Neonatal Care



                                                    • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                                    Evaluation and care of children with acute and chronic kidney disease, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, high blood pressure, and more.

                                                    Learn More


                                                    Next Steps Program

                                                      • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                                      The Next Steps Program (Neonatal Continuing Care Clinic) at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is one of the first Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.



                                                      • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                                      If your child suffers from a brain, spinal cord or peripheral nerve problem, St. Christopher’s neurologists can help.



                                                      Pediatric neurosurgery services for problems relating to the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves.
                                                      Learn more about Neurosurgery

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                                                      Occupational Therapy

                                                        • 1-888-ChrisKids

                                                        Occupational Therapy uses purposeful activity to facilitate independence and functioning in children suffering from injury, disability or chronic illness.

                                                        Learn More about Occupational Therapy



                                                        Offering a comprehensive range of treatments for children with bone, joint or connective tissue conditions.

                                                        Learn More about Orthopedics



                                                        St. Christopher’s Ophthalmology Department provides comprehensive eye care for your child.

                                                        Learn More about Ophthalmology


                                                        Pathology and Lab Services

                                                        We use advanced methods to offer comprehensive diagnostic procedures on both a routine and an emergency basis.



                                                        The Apple Pharmacy, located on the ground floor of the hospital, understands pediatric dosing and is able to fulfill your prescription needs.


                                                        Physical Therapy

                                                        Physical Therapy at St. Christopher’s Hospital addresses patients who are experiencing muscular, musculoskeletal, neurological and skeletal problems as a result of birth, injury or illness.


                                                        Plastic Surgery


                                                        St. Chris' Plastic and reconstructive Surgery Program's team offers comprehensive treatment for all pediatric plastic surgical problems, including congenital abnormalies, disabilities and deformities.
                                                        Learn more about Plastic Surgery


                                                        Pulmonology & Allergy

                                                        Helping your child breathe easier. ​Treatments for chronic asthma, lung conditions, sleep disorders and more.

                                                        Learn More about Pulmonology & Allergy



                                                        A relaxed environment offering your child digital imaging, MRI, CT scans and more.

                                                        Learn More about Radiology



                                                        St. Christopher’s provides treatment of children with a wide spectrum of acute and chronic rheumatic disorders.


                                                        Sleep Center for Children

                                                        We treat a variety of sleep disorders at our Sleep Center, including sleep apnea.

                                                        Learn More about Sleep Center for Children


                                                        Social Work

                                                        We take a family-centered approach to helping people adjust to the many demands illness places on them and provide referrals and resources for families.

                                                        Learn more about Social Work


                                                        Speech Therapy

                                                        We address the needs of children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulty with communication and swallowing skills.

                                                        Learn More about Speech Therapy


                                                        Transplant Services

                                                        We have a long history of providing pediatric patients with the expert transplant services they need.

                                                        Learn More about Transplant Services



                                                        St. Christopher’s provides transport services for critically ill infants and children.

                                                        Learn More about Transport


                                                        Trauma Center

                                                        St. Christopher’s Level One Trauma Center is capable of highly specialized treatment for critically injured children.


                                                        Urgent Care

                                                        St. Christopher's Pediatric Urgent Care offers convenient, quality care for situations that require immediate attention.

                                                        Learn More about Urgent Care



                                                        St. Christopher’s urologists treat illnesses affecting the prostate, kidney and bladder.

                                                        Learn More about Urology
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