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Social Work

At St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, we recognize that medical issues don’t exist in isolation of the patients and families affected by them. In many cases, social workers play an integral role in consulting with a patient’s healthcare team and helping develop a plan of care both during and after hospitalization.

Our Department of Social Work takes a family-centered approach to helping our patients and families adjust to the many demands illness places on them and provides referrals for such services as resource access and coordination with the child welfare system and other community resources. 

Our social work services include:

Developing Support Systems: Social workers identify and obtain appropriate support systems to help patients and families cope with the various stressors and demands that often accompany illness.

Communication: Department staff members help patients and families better understand healthcare issues and also serve as a liaison by facilitating communication between a patient’s family and the healthcare team, other family members, school personnel, and multiple community agencies.

Information and Referral: The Department provides information about resources for needs such as health insurance, transportation, finances, legal services, behavioral health resources, counseling and vocational services.  Additionally, we help assess for food insecurity and provides resources, and other barriers to accessing medical care for children.

Eight of our 30 professional social workers, all of whom are master-level prepared, provide services to emergency room patients and hospital inpatients. The other social workers provide services to patients seen in the clinics and sub-specialty clinics such as Oncology and Hematology Clinics, as well as patients that may be admitted to the hospital for continuity of care which is the standard of practice.

For more information, call (215) 427-5031.

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