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Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

As the only dedicated and verified pediatric burn facility in the region, the Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children prides itself on having a multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists trained to work specifically with young burn patients.

In addition to offering acute care, outpatient rehabilitation and advanced reconstructive surgery, the team works to minimize pain, discomfort, scarring and time away from home.

Burn care is special and requires great attention to detail – especially for pediatric patients. The Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children combines the multiple skill sets of leading surgeons and pediatricians with advanced techniques and technology designed to help speed healing and reduce pain. The Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center is the only dedicated and verified pediatric burn center in the region, and our expertise comes through in our commitment to quality pediatric care.

The goals of the Center have remained consistent since its establishment in 1984. Our team of pediatric specialists works to help reduce pain, lessen the frequency of dressings, reduce scarring and time in the hospital, all while treating burns with specialized and advanced techniques.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach
To provide a constant and well-rounded continuum of care, the Burn Center team includes:

  • Pediatric plastic surgeons
  • Critical care intensivists
  • Nurses trained in burn care, wound care and advanced life support
  • Respiratory, physical and occupational therapists
  • Access to pediatric medical and surgical subspecialists

In addition, this team works closely with ​pediatric registered dietitians, social workers and child life specialists to fully meet your child’s needs.

Advanced Treatment Techniques
As a five-bed unit treating only pediatric burn victims, the Burn Center’s unique specialization allows for specific treatments tailored for young patients. In addition, the Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center uses advanced technology in wound management, making dressing changes less frequent and less painful for patients.

The Center also uses Integra®, a cutting-edge skin substitute which is designed to lessen the need for skin grafts from other areas of the patient’s body. Another frequently used tool to help patient recovery is the VersaJet® – which expels a high-powered stream of saline to act as a knife. This enables surgeons to gently and precisely remove dead tissue, while effectively cleaning out tissue from wounds to protect against infection.

Understanding Pain
Burns are extremely painful and uncomfortable for children. Our staff understands that pain is real and can be managed effectively with attention and treatment on a scheduled basis.

Encouraging Recovery
As pediatric specialists, we know how important it is to encourage recovery in young patients, and our staff works hard to motivate children. A reward-based reinforcement program has been developed to encourage patient participation in therapies, and to help move children forward along the road to recovery.

Our staff also offers valuable education, prevention and assistance programs to meet the needs of our patient base, both inside and outside the hospital. For more information, call (215) 427-5191.



Our Team

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia has highly qualified experts who are specially trained to work with the individual and unique needs of infants and pediatric patients. The team is led by Paul Glat, MD, Director, Stuart J. Hulnick Burn Center . Dr. Paul Glat has an international reputation as a pediatric burn expert. He lectures around the world on the most advanced topics which we use on our patients.  St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children is a sought after research center on new burn products that can potentially help children around the world.  To view a list of our specialists, click here.

For more information, please call (215) 427-5191.

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