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St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children’s urology team specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems with the urinary tract and bladder, which includes the organs involved in reproduction and in making and emptying urine. We treat a wide variety of urologic problems, including undescended testes and other scrotal problems in boys, testicular torsion and ambiguous genitalia, as well as disorders of sexual development. Our team also cares for children with adrenal, kidney, ureter, bladder and urethral problems and cancers that occur within the urogenital tract. Specific conditions we treat include:

  • Bladder and kidney infections
  • Kidney or bladder stones
  • Neurogenic bladder — lack of bladder control
  • Exstrophy of the bladder — improperly formed bladder
  • Bladder and bowel (elimination) dysfunction
  • Obstructive uropathy and hydronephrosis
  • Vesicoureteral reflux — backward flow of urine from the bladder into ureters or kidneys
  • Hypospadia—birth defect of the urethra where the tube that carries urine stops short of the tip of the penis
  • Varicocele — condition in which the veins of the scrotom become enlarged and swollen
  • Inguinal hernias and hydroceles
  • Undescended testicles
  • Testicular torsion
  • Ambiguous genitalia — disorders of sexual development
  • Tumors of the kidney, bladder, prostate and testicles 

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 856-751-7880.

Our Team

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia has highly qualified experts who are specially trained to work with the individual and unique needs of infants and pediatric patients.  The team is led by Gregory Dean, MD, Chief, Section of Urology. To view a list of our Urology specialists, click here. 

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