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Madeline's Story

Madeline is a smart, articulate and inquisitive young girl. She loves to dress up, help in the garden and fish. Madeline is in constant motion, but a prenatal diagnosis almost stopped her before she even got her start.

Madeline's mother, Jessica, learned at her 21 week prenatal checkup that her unborn child had Dandy Walker Syndrome and it was reccomended by medical professionals to terminate the pregnancy. Jessica had a small window of time to decide if she wanted to abort her unborn child. Jessica was anxious to find answers and wanted to receive a second opinion. She called the Regional Fetal Evaluation Center at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and was able to make an appointment for the following week. Knowing how much was riding on their diagnosis, a medical team at St. Christopher's carried out a thorough series of tests. By the end of day, the MRI results delivered news that changed Jessica and her familiy's life. Dandy Walker Syndrome was not the case. Jessica was cleared of a misdiagnosis of a child that could have been aborted.

St. Christopher's Regional Fetal Evaluation Center is proud to have provided a start for Jessica and Madeline. We look forward to watching Madeline's story continue forward.

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