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Sports Medicine

The emphasis on year-round involvement in sports activities by our children and adolescents may result in injury. While serious injury occurs, it is fortunately not frequent. Year round involvement, however, frequently results in gradual breakdown from overuse with resultant pain in limbs or back.

In sports medicine, the focus is on early appropriate treatment of the athlete’s condition while keeping them involved as much as possible during recovery, as long as it’s safe for them and for the other competitors. The Sports Care team treats a range of typical sports-related musculoskeletal injuries—fractures, sprains and strains, contusions and bruises, knee and ankle injury and back pain —but also addresses non-orthopedic problems, such as irregular menses in female athletes, concussion and cardiac evaluations in conjunction with our core of expert in-house consultants.

St. Christopher’s also offers surgical options for sports-related injuries and trauma through the orthopedic surgeons that are a part of the hospitals’ Surgery Department. Sports-related injuries in children and teenagers are different in nature and severity than they were just 10 years ago, in part because the young athlete tends to focus on one sport all year long and train and compete at greater intensities than in the past. This has led to tears of the meniscus and ACL injuries of the knee in athletes who are significantly younger than those injured in past years.

To that end, our team provides educational experiences for area pediatricians and family medicine specialists on common conditions in the young athlete, such as overuse injuries of the elbow and shoulder caused by pitching a baseball or softball.

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