Benefits, Contracts, Policies, & Procedures

On this page, you will find an overview of House Staff benefits for 2015-2016, a sample employment agreement and our policies and procedures.

Overview of House Staff Benefits 2015-2016

Health Insurance
Health benefits become effective on the first day of employment through Blue Cross Blue Shield carriers, resulting in 2 medical options; the house staff member contributes to the cost along with the hospital. Coverage may also be purchased for dependents after proof of eligibility is approved.
Malpractice Insurance
House staff members are provided malpractice insurance for the full time of employment while engaged in activities necessary for the completion of the training program. Any work outside the scope of the training program (“moonlighting”) requires separate malpractice insurance.
Prescription Drug Coverage
Prescription drug coverage is included with each Tenet Select medical option and is only available if a medical option is chosen.
If benefit elected, house staff contributes to the premium. Contributions are deducted on a pre-tax basis.
Dental Insurance
If benefit elected, house staff contributes to the premium. Contributions are deducted on a pre-tax basis.
Life and Personal Accidental Insurance (Pal)
In addition to the basic life insurance paid by the hospital, supplemental life insurance may also be purchased equal to 1, 2, 3, or 4 times the annual benefit pay.
Resident Disability Program
If benefit elected, house staff contributes to the premium and disability will begin after 30 days..
All house staff members receive four (4) week paid vacation per contract year. The actual number of vacation days is determined by each Program Director. Vacation time must be scheduled and approved by the Program Director.
Sick Leave
Long Term Disability is available after 90 days of sick leave.
Other Benefits
Meal allowance when on-call
Lab Coats and scrubs
Complimentary parking provided while on duty
Educational Allowance
Life Support Training (BLS, PALS, NRP)
MT/ OT license initial applications and renewals (one renewal per PGY level MT or OT license)
401(k) Plan – Tenet matches up to 6% at 50% ($.50 on the $1.00)
Social Events
Educational Seminars – Diversity Training, Preparing to Practice as a Physician
Family & Medical Leave
Employee Assistance Program 
Policies and Procedures