Conference Schedule

Name of Conference Frequency Individual(s) or Department
Responsible for Organization
of Sessions
Surgery/Radiology/Pathology Bi-monthly Surgery
Neuropathology Monthly Pathology
Noon Conference Daily General Pediatrics
Infectious Disease Rounds Weekly Infectious Disease
Gastroenterology-Pathology Review Weekly Gastroenterology
Gastroenterology-Surgery-Radiology Every other Tuesday Gastroenterology/Transplant Team
Renal Pathology Case-by-case basis Renal
Brain Cutting Case-by-case basis Pathology
Journal Club Monthly Pathology
Autopsy Conference Case-by-case basis Pathology
Surgical Pathology QA Monthly Pathology
Autopsy QA Monthly Pathology
Laboratory Administrative Meeting Monthly Laboratory Medicine
Directors Administrative Meeting Monthly Pathology
Neonatology-Pathology Conference Bi-annual Neonatology
Research Conference Annually—1 week (Neurology)
Research Day Annually—1-2 days (Neurology)
Grand Rounds Weekly Pediatric Chief Resident
Philadelphia Pediatric Pathology Society Bi-annual Pathology—SCHC or CHOP
Other Mandatory Conferences: Ethics/HIPAA/Computer Training Annually Hospital