Child Neurology

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children (SCHC) is a pediatric institution of excellence. Several “giants of pediatrics” designed the academic history of the institution and the history of pediatrics in the world. Founded in 1875 in North Philadelphia (5th and Lehigh), it has provided outstanding clinical care to the underserved population in the area. 

Dr. Waldo E. Nelson (1898-1997). He became the Chairman of Pediatrics of SCHC in 1940, at the time affiliated with Temple University School of Medicine, a position that he held until his retirement.  Dr. Nelson worked well into his 80s and attended meetings and made speeches into his mid-90s. He edited the “Textbook of Pediatrics” first published in 1959, known as the “Green Bible” of Pediatrics, currently in the 19th edition and that has been translated into dozens of languages. He was an outstanding teacher and had a particular sense of humor. He used to say: “whenever I talk to my residents they never know whether to laugh or cry. That’s the way I like it”. Under his leadership at SCHC, academic pediatrics was born. He actively advised the leadership of the hospital until his death in 1997.

Dr. Angelo DiGeorge (1921-2009). He was the Chief of the Section of Endocrinology, wrote the chapter of pediatric Endocrinology Disorders in the Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. He described the syndrome that now holds his name characterized by deletion on  chromosome 22, heart defects, immune deficiencies, hypocalcemia and learning difficulties.

Dr. Henry W Baird (1922-1987). He was a moving force in the creation of the Handicapped Children's Unit, later known as Section of Neurology at SCHC.

Dr. Warren Grover (1928-2013). He became the director of the unit in 1978 and had a particular interest in metabolic disorders, particularly mitochondrial diseases and Menkes syndrome. He created the Mitochondrial Disorders Laboratory at SCHC. He also initiated the Child Neurology Fellowship at SCHC. He remained at St. Chris’ for his entire career and received the lifetime achievement award from the Child Neurology Society in 2011. The current chief of the Section is Dr. Agustin Legido since 2000. 


The Child Neurology Residency program shall provide a basic foundation for the resident who will specialize in the discipline of pediatric neurology and any of its subspecialties. The program shall expose the fellow to a variety of clinical experiences, which will help him/her develop the skills necessary to diagnose and treat primary neurological disorders as well as the neurological complications of medical and surgical conditions in the adult and pediatric age groups.

The program shall also provide an academic environment and foster an atmosphere conducive to the development of clinical and basic science research. An important part of the program will be the development of specific skills in the area of neurological diagnostic testing including neuroradiology, EEG, sleep studies, and lumbar puncture. At the conclusion of the program, the resident will be prepared for the autonomous practice of pediatric neurology in an academic or private practice environment. The program is now accepting 2 residents per year and enrolls applicants for a 5 year categorical experience that includes 2 years of general pediatrics, 1 year of adult neurology, and 2 years of pediatric neurology. 

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Application Process


USMLE step 1 or equivalent is required for the application.  USMLE step 2 results are required before rank list is submitted. COMLEX scores are also accepted. Passing USMLE step 3 is required before finishing the years of general pediatrics.

How to Apply 

The applicant needs to apply through the ERAS and National Resident Matching Program ( for a 5 year combined program. Separate application to General pediatrics is not required.  

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