Chief Residents

By January of the PL-2 year, three residents are selected to serve a fourth year as chief residents. The position carries a broad range of responsibilities, similar to those of junior faculty members. Chief residents are expected to show concern for the quality of patient care and to use the hospital's resources effectively. In addition to assisting first-, second- and third-year residents, the chief residents have the major responsibility for the overall administrative operation of the residency program, which includes leading participation in the daily teaching program.

Chief residents also serve as house staff advocates and liaisons between the house staff, attending staff and administration. They serve as members of many hospital administrative committees.

For eight weeks, each of the chief residents acts as a medical attending physician on the inpatient service. Though not mandatory, they are encouraged to take part in research programs at the hospital and have traditionally continued to care for their continuity clinic. Many of our recent chiefs have presented research or educational workshops at national meetings.