Pediatric Level-3 Academic Year

Objectives for the third year include continuation of in-depth education in pediatric subspecialties, development of supervisory and teaching capabilities, increased familiarity with the role of consultants and refinement of primary care pediatric skills.
Elective (4 blocks)
A “call free” month is also provided in the third year.
Teaching Resident (1 block)
This innovative experience allows PL-3s to become more effective teachers via structured educational sessions on bedside teaching, formal presentations, feedback and precepting. Following instruction, the resident is directly observed performing many teaching interventions followed by feedback. The PL-3 has the opportunity to practice teaching techniques with interns and third-year medical students in several inpatient and outpatient settings. The techniques learned during this rotation are used to create an effective Senior Conference (an evidence-based, one-hour, grand rounds-style presentation created by each PL-3 and presented to the house staff and faculty).
Inpatient (2 blocks, including 2 weeks as night shift supervisor)
The PL-3 resident serves six weeks as floor chief on the inpatient services. They run the team and make patient care decisions in conjunction with the attending physician. Here the PL-3 oversees three-four interns, sub-interns and medical students. This serves as an excellent opportunity to sharpen independent decision making skills, learn team management and facilitate personal growth as an educator. They also coordinate with the multidisciplinary services and learn a great deal about the administrative aspects of patient care.
Intensive Care Unit (1 block)
As a 3rd year, the intensive care experience is divided within the ICU and special care unit. The PL-3 will gain experience managing the acutely ill patient, trauma patients, children with cardiovascular malformations and technology dependent patients. Also, the PL3 will serve as the team leader on the rapid response team, which will respond to codes and ill patients throughout the hospital. The call schedule follows the traditional q4 system.
Procedures (longitudinal)
PL-3 will have the opportunity to fine tune competencies in a variety of procedures via simulation and models as well as directly observed performance with actual patients. In addition, the PL3 will be responsible for designing and implementing mock codes using simulation models.
Continuity Clinic (1/2 day weekly)
The third year is bittersweet. While the patients that you’ve cared for are growing up right in front of your eyes, they discover that their beloved doctor will soon be leaving. PL-3s are scheduled for at least three 25-minute pre-clinic talks per year and nine patient visits per session.
Pathway Experiences 
PL3s spend one block in an individualized “pathway” block, based on their chosen pathway and career directions, as well as completing one additional month in an intensive care setting. Please see the pathway descriptions for more information.
Vacation (2, 2-week blocks)