Refer a Patient/Admit a Patient

A consultation or patient referral may be arranged by contacting any of the members of the medical staff listed on this website. For assistance in selecting a staff physician, please call our Physician Referral Service, which is designed to facilitate referrals to the hospital's specialists and programs. To reach this service, please call (888) 247-4737.

To refer a general medical patient for admission, please contact a member of the Section of Hospital Medicine at (215) 586-1594. A pediatric hospitalist is available to partner with you in triaging your patients who are potential direct admissions for timely, safe, efficient and effective care and to coordinate the direct admission process.

For medical and surgical subspecialty patients, the appropriate specialist can be reached through the operator at (215) 427-5000. If the patient requires transport from a hospital, please call the Pediatric Emergency Transport Service at (215) 427-6900.

Operator: (215) 427-5000
Physician Referral Service: (888) 247-4737
Pediatric Hospitalist Direct Admission Line: (215) 586-1594