Books for Hospitalized Children

You want your child to feel as comfortable as possible during his or her hospital visit. One way to do that is to give your child a glimpse into the world of a hospital through reading a book about it together. Below are a few suggested books that might help your child see this world through another child's eyes.

Books about Visiting the Hospital

  • Harry Goes to the Hospital by J. Howard, M. D. Bennett and M. S. Webber
  • Going to the Hospital (First Experiences) by Michelle Bates and Stephen Cartwright
  • My Trip to the Hospital (Little Critter) by Mercer Mayer
  • Do I Have to go to the Hospital? A First Look at Going to the Hospital by Pat Thomas and Lesley Harker
  • Maisy Goes to the Hospital by Lucy Cousins
  • A Visit to Sesame Street Hospital
  • Katie Goes to the Hospital by Barbara Taylor Clark
  • Hospital (Separations) by Janine Amos
  • I Don't Want to go to the Hospital (A Little Princess Story) by Tony Ross
  • Paddington Bear Goes to the Hospital by Michael Bond, Karen Jankel and R. W. Alley
  • Franklin Goes to the Hospital by S. Jennings
  • Curious George Goes to the Hospital by H. A. Ray
  • Clifford Visits the Hospital by Norman Bridwell

Diagnosis-/Unit-Specific Books

  • Hospital Emergency Room Sticker Book by Cathy Beylon
  • Good Bye Tonsils! by Craig and Julia Hatkoff, and Marilyn Mets
  • Koko Bear’s Big Earache: Preparing Your Child for Ear Tube Surgery by Vicki Lanskey