​Helping Your Child Cope

Many kids are unsure of what will happen and what to expect when they see a doctor or stay overnight at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children. This is normal. To help your child cope with a hospital stay, it may help to visit St. Christopher’s for a tour before your child’s scheduled date of admission. You can even set up a private tour for you and your family. St. Christopher’s can also offer tips on how to prepare your child at home, what to bring with you, and other ways to make your child feel more comfortable. For more information, call the Child Life department at (215) 427-5321.

If you’re unable to come in for a tour, presurgical teaching will be provided on the day of your child's scheduled procedure. Our multidisciplinary team will guide both you and your child through the day of surgery. If you have any questions concerning your child's procedure or surgery, please ask — we’re here to help.

Other Ways to Help Your Child Prepare

  • Have your child bring a special toy or stuffed animal from home
  • Ask your child to write down any questions he or she might have to bring along to the hospital to ask
  • Remind your child that the hospital staff is there to help and is always available to answer questions. Tell your child not to be afraid to ask anything
  • Find a book that describes a hospital stay and read it aloud with your child