Preparing for an Overnight Stay

Whether this is your child's first hospitalization or one of many at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children, being away from home and meeting new people can be stressful for both your child and family members. You can play an important role in keeping your child comfortable.

Familiar routines — dressing, bathing, eating— can help your child adjust. Don't be afraid to ask questions or to request explanations about your child's care. Your child's nurse will welcome you to your child’s room and familiarize you and your child with the features of the room or unit.

What to Bring to the Hospital

Bring familiar toys, clothes, and books that are inexpensive and clearly marked with your child's name. St. Christopher’s provides pajamas and age-appropriate toys through the Child Life department. Children can feel free to bring homework as well as hand-held games or electronic headsets to use following a procedure or during an overnight visit.

Important Things to Know

  • Television: TV service is provided free of charge in all rooms. A remote control will be made available if necessary
  • Parent bed: Cots for one parent to stay at a child's bedside overnight are available on the 4th and 5th medical/surgical floors
  • Telephones: Telephones are available at patient bedsides on the 4th and 5th medical/surgical floors. All local calls are free. For a restful environment, telephone service to patient rooms is turned off at night
  • Incoming Mail: Mail for your child should be addressed to:

    Your child's full name and room number
    St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
    160 East Erie Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19134

  • Meals: Menu choices for the next day are given out at breakfast. If you prefer, you may fill out menus for several days in advance. If your child needs help reading the menu, the person who distributes and collects trays will be glad to help. Questions about your child's meals, special foods or trips to the cafeteria may be directed to your child's nurse or dietitian.