Facial Trauma

St. Christopher’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Program employs a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of your child’s facial trauma. You can rest assured knowing that your child will be evaluated and treated by experienced craniofacial plastic surgeons and neurosurgeons. St. Christopher’s is a Level I Trauma Center that includes pediatric subspecialists in ophthalmology, radiology and critical care. St. Christopher’s manages a wide range of clinical problems, including:

  • Nasal bone fractures
  • Face and jaw fractures
  • Orbital fractures and ocular injuries (injuries in and around the eyes)
  • Complex craniofacial injuries
  • Posttraumatic facial reconstruction
  • Dog bites
  • Soft tissue injuries of the face
  • Ear reconstruction
  • Facial burn reconstruction 

Facial trauma includes reconstruction of the skin, muscles and bones of the face and orbits as well as the jaws. All aspects of the facial form are addressed and every effort is made to restore your child to his or her pre-injury appearance. The use of plastic surgical techniques for skin repair, fracture reduction and fixation with resorbable hardware, jaw realignment and orbital reconstruction are used.

Our Team

St. Christopher's has a qualified team of specialists who are trained to work with the individual and unique needs of infants and children. The Plastic Surgery Program team is led by Paul Glat, M.D.  To view a list of our specialists, click here.

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